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14 Foods You Should NEVER Eat

What's the one food you refuse to eat? Peas? Tofu? Liver and onions? Whatever it is, it's probably because you don't like the way it tastes, not necessarily because it contains ingredients suspected of causing cancer or because it was picked by farmers wearing Hazmat suits. Yet, there are still a lot of those foods on store shelves, and food-industry insiders—who know what goes on behind the scenes—refuse to eat them.

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New Diet Proposals: Eat Your Veggies, Have Some Coffee

The U.S. government issues new dietary guidelines every five years and enlists an independent panel of experts to advise on what they should be. The public gets 45 days to weigh in and then Health and Human Services Department and the U.S. Department of Agriculture use the report as the basis for new guidelines to be issued by the end of the year.

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