Syndee Collison


Stuck in a fitness rut? Looking for an experienced trainer to pull you out and inspire you to do your best? To help you acheive the results you deserve. To find the Fun in Fitness? I hear, over and over again, "Syndee, if you weren't here to encourage me, I would have never done those last 4 reps." It's in those last 4 reps that you're really going to excel and see results. And working with an experienced, certified trainer, with an eye for good form, you can do this safely and effectively and feel good about your accomplishments.


I have had the good fortune to have helped many people, of all ages and levels, to achieve their health and fitness goals. It feels so good to contribute in a positive way! Now imagine what it could do for you? Or better yet, sign-up today for the fitness package that’s designed with you in mind and let’s get started now! I believe in making fitness fun and functional through offering a lot of variety


I have been a fitness professional for over 20 years. I am AFFA certified as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. I am also certified as a nutrition consultant through Bauman College, a 2 year course in holistic nutrition and culinary arts. I offer private consultations with an emphasis on vegan cooking and also offer small group vegan cooking classes once per month. They are totally fun, totally yummy and they fill up fast, so sign-up today. And besides all that, I’m a nice person that would love nothing more than to work with you.

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